quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2013

stuff to go!

Pois é tenho aqui em casa duas meninas que pretendo vender. Estes botins, ambos nunca foram usados!!

Botins Camel , tamanho 38 , Marca: Seaside Preço:35€

Botins Bejes , tamanho 37 , Marca: Stradivarius Preço:35€

Mais info contactem me :))

terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

Surprised By PB Cosmetics

Today arrived a gift from PB Cosmetics , I've already told you about this awesome brand wiht great make up and other products with low price.

So i ordered a mirror and a eyeliner, and i'm so in love right now <3

I've been looking for a mirror for so long, you can't even imagine, and this mirror is the only one that reach my expectations!! Beyond the design and beauty, it increases 7x, so you can see all your defects ahah, it's really great for doing the eyebrows without missing a hair. I really love this baby! And it's only 18,80€ we can't ask for more.
The eyeliner is just great too, it only cost 4,90€ , and you can make smoky eyes all the time, and lasts for hours.

THANK YOU, PB Cosmetics, visit the site :) Jo

here i leave you some images